Teacher Training & Teaching Kits

Student Opportunities

No matter what the program is,

training is available so that educators can implement

program activities themselves and volunteers can feel comfortable. 

teacher training & Teaching Kits

Teacher trainings can be arranged in various ways and for various programs.  Contact us to arrange.

  • Sweet Water Hunt Training: Training can be arranged at your site to learn how to use the novel Sweet Water Hunt as a classroom tool. Trainings may also be offered through the Chester County Intermediate Unit. Do you have a group that would like to be trained but you don't have a space?  Connie can help!  Cost is negotiable, especially if the purchase of ​​ books is incorporated.

  • In the Classroom/On Site: Connie can run a program on your site, guiding you so that you can run the program yourself in the future. For most programs, Connie can organize a kit of materials for your use.  



SweetWater Education Events Training
Customized environmental & outdoor experiences
On-site training

   Teacher and students learn side-by-side about the  

 dragonfly nymph's powerful jaw structure.

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         student opportunities


  • Students can receive service credit by volunteering to help instruct programs for younger students.  Training is always provided!  Contact Us to arrange.

  • Internships may be available.  Contact Us to explore the possibilities.

Sweet night of nature training

College, high school and middle school students get oriented before

running activities for a Back-to-School evening event.