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Kits for training/rent

  1. Kits can be rented for a small fee.  ​
  2. If desired, Connie will run the program utilizing the kit (for a program fee) so that a teacher can observe and "be trained" to use it in the future for just the rental fee.
  3. Kits available:​​

          * Build a Forest (see photo below):  Using a forest mural and small stuffed forest critters (everything from mushrooms to singing birds), students place critters where they belong on the mural. Can be used to for ecosystem studies.  For younger grade levels.

         *The Lorax: Read the book and have the students act it out with props. Kit includes the Lorax, a backdrop scene, and the shell of a great, great grandfather snail (plus much more)!

For younger grade levels.

          *Unnature Trail: Set up the props outside along a trail for students to test their powers of observation.  Use the sense of sight to find things obvious and hidden that don't belong in nature.  Can be used for senses, camouflage. For all ages.

           *Habitat Who's: Set up the stuffed animals outside along a trail for students to figure out which animals are in their habitat and which are not.  Great for habitat studies.  For younger grades. 

          *Dear Children of the Earth: Read the book and have the students participate in the dismantling of the Earth and protecting its creatures.  Great springboard for taking personal action.  Can be used with all ages.

         *Adapt-A-Body (see photo below): Have a fashion show of animal adaptations.  Kit includes props to dress up an insect; an opossum; a frog; an owl; a bat.  Great for adaptations.  Can be incorporated into a lesson on food webs. For all ages.

​          *Kits on Request: Just ask; Connie may already have the supplies to put a teaching kit