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PRICING GUIDE:  Note that all programs can be customized and prices are negotiable based on program delivery terms.

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SweetWater Education Events Training
Customized Environmental, Watershed & Outdoor Experiences

Programs Description# of StudentsPrice Time Required
Sweet Water Works​

An upper elementary level program based on understanding/protecting the Brandywine Watershed.  

Topics include: watersheds, water cycle, community water cycle, macroinvertebrate indicators, food webs, runoff & infiltration, erosion, and best management practices. 

Notes: This program requires  approximately 16 parent volunteers or the price must be increased substantially

   approximately              100

$600 plus

travel expenses

2.5 hours for the program;

2.5 hours to train the parent volunteers

Sweet Water HuntSchool/Classroom Visit: topics to be negotiated but can include hands-on program, book signing, and/or other presentations. VariesVaries, but based on a $300/day rate
Environmental Education/Team Building/Outdoor Fun ProgramsTopics range from a variety of indoor programs (astronomy, watersheds, ecosystems) to anything that your property can accommodate (stream, pond, wetland, field, forest). 12-24 per instructor, depending on program selectionVaries, but based on a $300/day rateVaries, but usually 1-2 hours
Assembly ProgramsMeet Pete the Shad as he guides your students through a watershed journey. Assembly includes audience participation, music, lots of science, and, of course, fun.

K-2: 250 students

3-5 250 students

$400/day includes 2 programs1 hour per assembly
SWEET Night of NatureA fun, nature-oriented evening for Back to School or just a special night for kids. Program varies for each grade level.  KG: Nature Adventures; 1st: Animal Pals; 2nd: Water Wonders; 3rd: Sky's the Limit; 4th: Talking Trash; 5th: People Power 

K-2: 250 students

3-5: 250 students

Approximately $1000 for 2 1.5-hour programs1.5 hours per program
In-Classroom Teacher Training & Kit RentalA fun way for teachers to use kits:  have a SWEET educator come into the classroom to demonstrate use of the kit with the class; then teachers can rent and use the kit subsequently. Varies

$200:1/2 day

$300: day

Minimum of 1/2 hour
Kit RentalKits available:  Adaptations; The Lorax; Dear Children of the Earth; Unnature Hike
$50 for 3 day rental
In the Round Programs Various topics such as: Astronomy; Ecosystems; Watersheds; Make Way for the Future approximately 100Negotiable based on $300/dayVaries

Earrings: $10 (also available on Etsy: connienyesweetgoods)

Bracelets: 1 strand: $10; 2 strand: $15; 3 strand: $20 (Etsy: connienyesweetgoods)

Necklaces: $20 (Etsy: connienyesweetgoods) 

Pete the Shad Sings Along the Brandywine: $5 (also available on Amazon)

Sweet Water Hunt: $15 for the paperback (also available on Amazon)

Can He Keep It? Coming Soon!!!

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