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SWH Program Activities: 

    Mapping Madness: Learning about Topography

classroom visits

All sorts of programs can be designed for your classroom from activities related to Sweet Water Hunt or any environmental education topics.

Just contact us to discuss your needs.

sweet night of nature

  A SWEET Night of Nature is a fun program designed for Back-to-School or just a fun evening (or two) for students.        Utilizing high and middle school volunteers, activities are run for each grade level, are interactive and are related to a    nature theme. A typical program requires 6 spaces for 1 program or 3 spaces for 2 programs (for example: gym,

 cafeteria, library), and includes 3 stations in each space that students rotate through. KG = Nature Adventures;

 1st = Animal Pals; 2nd = Water Wonders; 3rd = Sky's the Limit; 4th = Talking Trash; 5th = People Power.  

 The 3 stations for each grade level include, typically, a science activity; a craft, song, or story; and a game.  All

 activities are flexible and negotiable for  a more tailored program to fit your needs.

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            Sweet Water Ventures with Northbrook Canoe Company

SWEET and Northbrook Canoe Company have joined together to offer SWEET programs called Sweet Water Ventures.

Come visit  Northbrook Canoe Company  or Contact Us to:


take a guided canoe trip 

customize a guided canoe trip or program for your group or family

​visit the Sweet Water Ventures Center

explore the novel Sweet Water Hunt





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Sweet Water Ventures Canoe Trips

​Sweet Night of Nature

Girls' Canoe Camp, 2018

August 13-16

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