environmental education

  • many educators just don't have the time or resources to impart creative, engaging, tested, in-the-field environmental lessons.  that's what Connie does and has done for 25 years.

  • EE Programs can be done in the classroom or outdoors.  many lessons can be introduced indoors and followed up with an outdoor experience.  past lessons have taken place on  school properties or  parks, utilizing nearby outdoor resources.

  • lessons can be adapted to any time frame.  

  • connie can teach a typical class size but will add trained educators for larger programs.

  •  Give connie a topic and she may already have a lesson ready or may tailor one for  your needs.

  •  lessons may lend themselves to be repeated by the teacher in the future; see teaching kits for more information. 

POnd study

Connie Nye, Owner & Educator: SWEET | Phone: 610-331-5927 | Fax: 610-873-1715 | email: connienye@verizon.net

Food Web

Indoor astronomy

IN the round programs

In the Round programs are designed for an entire grade level and set up as stations that groups of students rotate through.  The program can be run with trained parent volunteers to help minimize cost.  Topics can be created to fit your needs.  Programs that have already been run include: 

  • Watersheds in the Round
  • Ecosystems in the Round
  • Make Way for the Future in the Round
  • ​Astronomy in the Round
  • ​Sweet Water Works

For more information, or to discuss the possibilities, contact us.

Erosion Explosion

Adaptations fashion show


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