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Conducted at your school and designed for an entire grade level, this program teaches basic watershed dynamics including watershed delineation, water pollution and water protection.

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  • Indoor classroom lessons​
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             SWEet water hunt:

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Sweet Water Hunt is a watershed education 

novel designed to 

teach watershed dynamics through reading about the Brandywine Watershed.

The novel includes hands-on science, social science and 

math activities as well as field trip suggestions, all embedded in the novel.  

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let's create something fun, like an adaptations scavenger hunt, orienteering, or letterboxing. The sky's the limit!

        Can you spot the differences between a sweet water home and a not-so-sweet water home? 

environmental education programs

SWEET can tailor-make programs for your class or grade, and make use of your property, in the areas of:


*Senses     *Habitats     *Adaptations    *Circle of Life

*Watersheds & Wetlands     *Insects     *Astronomy   *Wetlands     *Human Impact     *Forest    

*Water Quality Studies     *The Lorax  

*Dear Children of the Earth         and much more!       

             SWEET water HUNT

Copyright Connie Nye. All rights reserved. 

 through this hour-long assembly, learn about 

watersheds, Water usage & water conservation featuring:

*Pete the shad

​*flora & fauna of the brandywine

*pond water projections

*google earth journey